A Series of Works for Toby

Age Old Tale Staring at his body was like igniting a fire, An inferno was what his smile made me, I burned, I ached, I screamed his name, With smiles on both our faces, we said it again, I love you, I need you, I do, I do. The vows that would bind us forever […]

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A Dark Place

I walk through the depths of my mind, All I see is darkness, The spot where my heart should connect, Smells damp, it’s filled with cobwebs. My mind, it hurts, The sorrow it burns. And now, I’m bored, A pair of scissors, my lord! A razor and blood, Dark fluid taints my life cord… And […]

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It’s All My Fault

I’m the one that objectified myself, Made it all hurt so bad, I’m the reason that he left, The reason I lose so many friends each year, It’s all my fault, It’s my fault that I don’t care… It’s all my fault in the end. I hated to be touched, But I wanted love, So […]

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This isn’t one of those things that rhymes, I’d like you to experience my life from my point of view, It’s like an anomaly, It’s a poem that makes no sense, It doesn’t seem right or well or even like it should exist, It is, in some ways, like me. I wake up every morning […]

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Logica Ab Amico Curant

Is it Logical to care? To bend to the norms and give in to despair? Is it logical to pretend to understand a base human emotion, one you’ve transcended in swift upward motion, I’m being looked down on for being above, A mistake I didn’t make was fly like a dove. I have faced my […]

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Tell the world of a poet that once existed, she was in love, her friends insisted, she cried and screamed, but he persisted, unhealthy obsession is so persistent, he tried to write words, but they had no feeling, meaningless alphabets were his only real thing, he tried to hurt her but she didn’t give in, […]

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This is just for you, the one who’s name is etched in my heart, I remember the first time we spoke about nothing, how we talked about anime and you smiled and laughed at my ways… I never thought it would take this direction, where for once in my life my heart was fully invested, […]

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